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03/07/2014 | Barcelona

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Ismail Serageldin's Interview at the League of Arab States


An interview with Dr. Serageldin held on the occasion of “Arabic Document Day” celebration at the League of Arab States.


  • Short Essay on the Constitution (Arabic)

       Ismail Serageldin  Download
  • Jurji Zaidan: His Contributions to Modern Arab Thought and Literature

       Ismail Serageldin  Download
  • Islam and Democracy

       Ismail Serageldin (Author)  Download
  • Science: The Culture of Living Change. 2nd ed

       Ismail Serageldin (Author)
  • Inventing Our Future: Essays on Freedom, Democracy and Reform in the Arab World. 2nd ed

       Ismail Serageldin (Author)

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